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Don Marshall

Don Marshall

Don Marshall was born in Durham, Ontario in 1959. He worked for 13 years with Canadian National Railway before establishing Marshall Septic Pumping. He has two daughters and seven grandchildren. A member of the Durham West Grey Lion?s Club, Don also plays on a local hockey team and is an active participant in the recently established Transition Town Durham, a world-wide movement that engages its members in actively strengthening and enriching their local communities.

Being self-employed, Don has personally served clients throughout the riding for the past 20 years and has a first-hand knowledge of their concerns. Fifteen years ago, he began promoting the use of composting toilets and other viable alternatives, recognizing that the usual sewage disposal practices are unsustainable and unaffordable for taxpayers and the environment alike.

For the past four years, Don has served on the Council of the Municipality of West Grey, placing first in both elections. When the Municipality wouldn?t let him on its Waste Management and Environmental Committee as a citizen appointee, he ran for council in the 2006 election and finished first of 13 candidates.

Shortly into Don?s first term on council, he opposed an adopted pay increase by giving it to various local groups. He has voted against every budget in the last five years, because he finds it unsustainable to ask people to pay more taxes when so many factories in the riding have closed. Don ran for council again in 2010 and again finished first of 11 candidates.

Don?s interest in representing Bruce-Grey-Owen Sound in the provincial legislature is to be able to work for more effective and sustainable programmes in community development; local energy and environmental planning; and health care for the residents of his riding. Don likens a municipality, a county, a province, a country, to a ship made from health care, education, natural resources, the environment, and other essential pieces. But, as he said at his nomination meeting, ?Our ship is experiencing severe stress fractures and all we seem to be doing is giving it a fresh coat of paint. We need a sustainable ship that may not have all the bells and whistles but is sound and can withstand the odd economic storm. We need to bring manufacturing jobs back to Ontario, back to Bruce-Grey-Owen Sound. We need to adjust our priorities to meet the challenges of Climate Change and Peak Oil.?

Don Marshall is very much looking forward to serving the people of Bruce-Grey-Owen Sound as one of the first Green Members of Ontario's Legislative Assembly.

Don Marshall
Bruce-Grey-Owen Sound
Phone: 519-369-2315
E-mail: donbmarshall@gmail.com