It’s Green season.

It’s Green season.

From now until October, we commit to growing with you. Your new EDA has been busily restructuring and investing in our relationships with each other and our fantastic candidate, Danielle Valiquette. #valiquette 2019

We have been strengthening our capacity to lead with ingenuity, integrity and commitment. And soon, we will be asking you to join us; your neighbours, colleagues, friends and family members, as we stand up together for the future and the present.

For people and for the planet.

We want to introduce you to who we are, to show you the variety of perspectives that ground our vision for our riding. A multiplicity of viewpoints flowing from our core Green Values, married to our experience of living in Bruce-Grey-Owen Sound.

It’s the tradition of politics for the machine of it, the people writing and strategizing and organizing, to be invisible behind a candidate. Danielle wants to do it differently, to show you all the committed voices that will hold her accountable and be responsible to you. She wants to lead with visible collaboration and empowerment.

Have a photo of your favourite location in our incredible riding to remind us what we need to protect? An article you read that helped frame your thoughts on Green Vision or local issues? Or maybe you love to write and would like to submit an article. We would love to hear from you and feature your thoughts on our social media and our new, upcoming monthly newsletter.

Please see the “Newsletters” Page for specific requirements about this initiative.

Because it’s time to do things differently. To Stand Up. Together.

Green Light Night June 19


It’s a huge riding and each community has its own character, connections and concerns. So last week we sent out a call in the newsletter for passionate Green community leaders to stand up as “Green Lights”, people who will be the “lighthouses” of the Bruce Grey Owen Sound riding in all its corners, beacons of Green Party of Canada information and contact with the #valiquette2019 campaign.

Sound like you? Please visit the website for further details!

We would like to invite those interested in volunteering with the Greens as a Green Light or in any other capacity, to a fantastic opportunity on June 19, 7- 9 pm at The Harmony Centre, Owen Sound to get together and get excited about Green Season in Bruce-Grey-Owen Sound.

Our special guests are Green Party of Canada Nanaimo-Ladysmith ‘s Field Director Melissa Vincent and Canvassing Coordinator Annie Thibault, who are travelling here to tell us victory stories of hard work, personal connection and strategy from the ground of Paul Manly’s winning campaign.

Our Green Party candidate Danielle Valiquette for Bruce Grey Owen Sound will also speak to her vision for the riding and outline the outreach strategy leading up to the writ period. It’s a great night to listen, learn and meet a Green!

Please join us! #itsgreenseason #valiquette2019 June 19, 7-9pm. The Harmony Centre 890 4th Ave E, Owen Sound.

For more information, please contact Allison Billings at

Facebook event here.