Bruce-Grey-Owen Sound Greens Meeting – February 22nd, 2015

On Sunday February 22nd, 2015 starting at one o’clock the Bruce-Grey-Owen Sound Greens will be holding an open meeting at The Mill in Williamsford. Mr. David McLaren will be speaking to us on a few topics:  What sort of governance do we want to see? What are the issues we should be focusing on — environmental and otherwise? How can we frame them in Bruce Grey Owen Sound? How can we get what we want … what do we need in this area?
We will also discuss the future of the Federal EDA and how to move forward as current President Scott Maxted will announce his resignation at this meeting.

We are now looking for a new President for our Green Party of Canada Electoral District Association. The position consists of setting and chairing general and Annual General meetings, setting agendas in consultation with the members and Executive. The President also seeks consensus amongst members to promote the objectives of the Electoral District Association. If you are interested in this position or would like to learn more about it, please contact:

One thought on “Bruce-Grey-Owen Sound Greens Meeting – February 22nd, 2015”

  1. We must thank Scott for taking on the roll of President on short notice and guiding us through the past two years, often through difficult times with minimal support from local members. Thank you Scott.

    Those interested citizens in the Bruce-Grey-Owen Sound Riding who support the Greens and Democracy should realize that simply taking an hour of their time every 4 years to vote is insufficient support to maintain a local district association, a number of other executive and support positions are available. Now is the time to make yourself known if you wish to have a Green presence on our area.

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