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Author Topic: Excutive Duties
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Post Excutive Duties
on: February 23, 2015, 08:00

GBOS Greens EDA – Job Descriptions Outline.
These job outline are intended as a general guide, due the the nature of the organization and the voluntary nature of the positions these duties should be viewed as highly flexible and many of these duties may be shared with other members as the need arises.

President /CEO
Takes overall responsibility for setting and chairing meetings and AGMs, sets agenda in consultation with the members and executive. Seeks consensus amongst members to promote the objective of the Constituency Association. Represents the EDA the national level and to the public, reports to the members of the EDA at AGMs, and to give notices to members of the EDA as required. It is the EDA President’s responsibility to ensure that all members of the EDA perform their duties as outlined here or as otherwise decided by the Executive. They are the official CEO as registered with Elections Canada

Vice President / Co- CEO
The Vice President assists the CEO with his duties as needed and chairs meetings of the EDA in the absence of the CEO. They have no official status with Elections Canada but may take on that role in future years.

Treasurer / CFO
The EDA CFO is to administer the finances and maintain a record income and expenditures for the EDA, issue official receipts and other such duties as required by Elections Canada. They are required to report on the state of those finances to the EDA at each Annual General Meeting. The EDA CFO is also responsible for ensuring the EDA is registered and up to date with Elections Canada, The Financial Agent’s Checklist, included in the Supplement to the Registered Association Handbook, lists all the responsibilities of the financial agent and can be found on They are the official CFO as registered with Elections Canada.

Recording Secretary
It is the responsibility of the EDA Secretary to keep a record of all meetings of the EDA and to store same in a safe location. The EDA Secretary in conjunction with the executive should send out meeting agendas to all members of the executive prior to the meetings as well as ensure that meeting minutes are made available to members on a timely basis. It is also the responsibility of the EDA Secretary to ensure that the GPC regional organizer is provided with a copy of the minutes of the AGM and an updated constitution.

Membership Chair
It is the EDA Membership Chair’s responsibility to keeps track of memberships within the EDA and in conjunction with the CiviCRM database maintain and update our own databases and mailing lists. The Membership Chair and membership committee should welcome new members as well as contact expired and expiring members for renewal. They are responsible for identifying current members for the purpose of voting at AGMs and for outreach during election periods.

Communications Chair
The EDA Communications Chair is responsible to communicate the actions of the EDA to the membership of the EDA and to the local media outlets within the EDA. They should ensure that meetings and other activities of the EDA are brought to the attention of the general public with the EDA. They should maintain a list of media contacts which they can use to distribute their message and share with candidates during an election period. In conjunction with our webmaster and others tasked with the daily upkeep of our online presence they should ensure that all contact and other information shown on our website or other social media is correct and up to date.

Fundraising Chair
The Fundraising Chair is the person who directs the fundraising activities of the EDA and is there to ensure the fundraising goals set out in the annual plan are met they should be prepared to work alongside the candidate’s fundraiser, should someone else take up that position. The goal of this committee is to ensure the riding has the funds necessary to function. The EDA Fundraising Chair should and organize EDA Fundraising activities such as phone or door-to-door canvassing, direct mail or email campaigns, or special events.

Organizing Chair
The organizing chair is the person leading the task of planning the next AGM and finding key note speakers, organizing training sessions and finding volunteers to help during the AGM and election GOTV operations. The organizing chair is the person who should be able to staff any event planned by the EDA with volunteers who have identified themselves. They should be aware of all of the volunteer positions and opportunities that need filling as well as any potential volunteers for these positions.

Young Greens Chair
The Young Greens Chair should encourage the youth of our area to become involved in the ideals of the Greens as set out in the Vision Green document and endeavour to form a group of young green members. They Chair meeting of the BGOS Young Greens and work closely with the CEO to develop increased input and interest from this group.

Regional Organizers
Regional organizers and other such positions as may be needed from time to time may be appointed of elected as the opportunity presents itself and the duties of said volunteers may be decided by the executive or by consensus.

This document is based upon information from the Green Party EDA Handbook (which see for fuller details) and several other similar documents. Below is an extract from our Constitution outlining the Executive hierarchy of the Bruce Grey Owen Sound Greens.

3.1 The Executive of the EDA shall comprise:
3.1.1 Chief Executive Officer (CEO)
3.1.2 Financial Agent (CFA)
3.1.3 Whenever possible the executive should also include Recording Secretary Membership Chair Fundraising Chair Organizing Chair Communications Chair Young Greens Chair
3.1.4 Member of Parliament or candidate nominated to represent the GPC in this Electoral District in an upcoming election.
3.1.5The executive may also include Area co-ordinators, to a maximum of six (geographic representation)
3.2 All positions excepting for that of the CFO may be co-chaired, preferably by a man and a woman. This EDA encourages and supports gender equality in all positions whenever possible.

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