The Bruce-Grey-Owen Sound Greens are seeking individuals interested in filling the following positions on our executive, such individuals should be prepared to actively participate in executive and general meetings and communicate regularly with members and the executive in seeking consensus on matters before the membership. We are an equal opportunity organization.

Green Party of Canada

Co-Chief Executive Officers (male and/or female)

Shares with Co-CEO the overall responsibility for setting and chairing general and Annual General meetings, sets agenda in consultation with the members and executive. Seeks consensus amongst members to promote the objectives of the Electoral District Association.
This position has been filled for the 2019 -2020 period.

Treasurer / CFO

The EDA CFO is to administer the finances and maintain a record income and expenditures for the EDA, issue official receipts and other such duties as required by Elections Canada. They are required to report on the state of those finances to the EDA at each Annual General Meeting.
This position has been filled for the 2019 -2020 period.

Recording Secretary

Records the details of all official meetings of the EDA and makes them available to members. In conjunction with the executive sends out meeting agendas to all members.

Young Greens Chair

Encourages the youth of our area to become involved in the ideals of the Greens as set out in the Vision Green document. Chairs meeting of the BGOS Young Greens.

Further information on the positions and duties of the Executive may be seen on our Members Forum here

Green Party of Ontario

Communications Chair-

The EDA Communications Chair is responsible to communicate the actions of the EDA to the membership of the EDA and to the local media outlets within the EDA. They should ensure that meetings and other activities of the EDA are brought to the attention of the general public with the EDA. They should maintain a list of media contacts which they can use to distribute their message and share with candidates during an election period. In conjunction with our webmaster and others tasked with the daily upkeep of our online presence they should ensure that all contact and other information shown on our website or other social media is correct and up to date.

Fundraising Chair-

The Fundraising Chair is the person who directs the fundraising activities of the EDA and is there to ensure the fundraising goals set out in the annual plan are met they should be prepared to work alongside the candidate’s fundraiser, should someone else take up that position. The goal of this committee is to ensure the riding has the funds necessary to function. The EDA Fundraising Chair should and organize EDA Fundraising activities such as phone or door-to-door canvassing, direct mail or email campaigns, or special events.

There are also support positions available for both organizations in many different areas, just to name a few: Event Organization, Community Outreach, and Committee Organizers. If you are concerned about the environment, the economy, our democracy, and the well being of your fellow Canadians, if you are looking for an opportunity to make a difference in your community today, then consider volunteering with your local Green Party. You can contact us at info@bgosgreens.ca or speak to an Executive member to find out more about these positions or to learn more about your local Greens.