Danielle Valiquette for Bruce-Grey-Owen Sound
Danielle Valiquette

Danielle Valiquette is a former project manager and Business Analyst. Though she has primarily been employed in the Information Technology sector, Danielle has also taught English, English as a Second Language, and Business Communications at three Ontario colleges. She has been an entrepreneur within the cultural community as a commercial photographer, and has been a consultant to small business.

Danielle has lived in Grey County for over a decade, and has served on the Grey Highlands municipal council since 2018. She is presently responsible for the municipality’s Environment portfolio and sits on the Library Board, the Community Development Advisory Committee, the Tourism Committee, and the Joint Waste and Diversion Committee.

Danielle and her husband are active community volunteers, and are committed to lending a hand with local events, neighbourhood Clean Ups and the Macphail Elementary nutrition program. In 2010, Danielle began managing the program while pregnant with her third child. After Danielle’s daughter was born, she became known as the “Breakfast Club Baby” as Danielle served a daily, healthy-breakfast to over 500 students with Baby wrapped to her chest in a sling.

Although no longer officially part of the nutrition program, Danielle continues to volunteer at the school, including advocating for and encouraging inclusive programs like The Gay Straight Alliance.

The Valiquette family currently live on a 50-acre horse farm near Ceylon.

“My business background has given me an enormous appreciation for the hard work of small business and how well designed systems optimize time and resources. As a candidate, I bring that bottom line, fiscally responsible management perspective to one that also believes in the capacity of government to create programs and investments that support people and our planet.

As a parent, I feel the critical need for comprehensive, bold action on the climate emergency though my children. I cannot stand by and not commit myself to transformative change to protect their future. For me, it’s emotional, its moral, but it is also supported by climate science.

I also understand how hard it is to make better choices when so many of them in our everyday life have a dollar sign attached and social inequality is deepening. There is no discussing the environment without also discussing people. I believe government can lead initiatives that respect families and communities over corporations.”