Our newsletter will be delivered to Member’s at the top of each month, June through to October of the 2019 election period.

Have a photo of your favourite location in our incredible riding to remind us what we need to protect? An article you read that helped frame your thoughts on Green Vision or local issues? Or maybe you love to write and would like to submit an article. We would love to hear from you and feature your thoughts on our social media channels in the newsletter. Submission Details below!

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June 2019

Submission Details.

1. Must be a member of the Bruce –Grey- Owen Sound Green Party in good standing for a minimum of 14 days prior to submission. Please retain receipts if you very recently joined…and welcome to the Bruce-Grey-Owen Sound Green Party!

2. A release will be sent to you upon submission to identify that you are giving us the rights to publish your work and release your name for the purposes of publicity, education and reference.

3. Links to articles of interest must be accompanied by a two paragraph (max) introduction to how it changed your thinking, why you think it’s important and/or why you want people to read it. Introduction to the article should be written in first person.

4. Articles should be a minimum of 500 words and no longer than 2000 words and written in the style of a personal essay, with sources noted. A visual image to illustrate your essay is a great addition!

5. Photographs can be submitted for Instagram (square) or Facebook (any format). Please watermark your submission with “©(your name) 2019” and accompany it with a short (50 word max) statement as to where it was taken and why you love that place.

6. Approved submissions will be submitted to social media and/or the monthly newsletter.

7. Submissions must be sent by the 15th of each month for potential publication in the next month’s newsletter. Entries late for the deadline will be considered for the next cycle.

8. The BGOS EDA retains the right to refuse to publish work that does not align with Green Values and to edit content for grammar and length.