Forum on Democracy:

A free public forum on increasing awareness and strengthening democracy in Canada

Peace & Justice Grey Bruce has been concerned about an apparent crisis of democracy occurring in Canada today. There are fewer people voting and more voter apathy, increased negativity and a general distrust of politicians and the political process, and an increase in polarization where political parties see each other as ‘enemies’ and are unwilling to work together towards a common good.

In a strong democracy, the political system serves to engage, motivate and inspire its citizens. Politics is the way we make decisions together, decisions that will shape how we want to live and work together. How can we strengthen democracy in Canada today? To address this question in Grey and Bruce, we will be holding a free public forum to examine and discuss this topic.

We know that democracy and citizen engagement are important to the community, so we have asked local leadership from the major political parties to help plan and participate in this large community forum.

We have also engaged the support of Peter Russell, who will be the opening speaker for the forum and will help frame the questions we need to ask ourselves. Russell is one of Canada’s top legal experts on the Canadian constitution, and was an adviser to MichaĆ«lle Jean during her tenure as Governor

General. In addition to his participation in the forum, Russell will speak to students at the OSCVI auditorium, 1550 – 8th Street East, earlier in the afternoon.

What: Forum on Democracy
When: Tuesday, April 30th, 2013 at 7:00 PM
Where: Bay Room of the Harry Lumley Bayshore Community Centre,
1900 3rd Ave East, Owen Sound.


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